Objectives & Mission

  • Act as open discussion platform for cross-domain topics in the area of autonomous driving that require cooperation throughout the industry.
  • Generate globally applicable, state-of-the-art solution possibilities as further input for standardization in organized bodies.
  • Connect local authorities and the global industry to streamline future development efforts.
  • Act as a platform to present the latest developments and achievements towards a connected world of autonomous cars.



In November 2015, the NDS e.V., the ADASIS forum and SENSORIS representatives decided to coordinate on important questions for autonomous driving in an ‘Open AutoDrive Forum (OADF)’. The OADF is intended to give all stakeholders the opportunity to present their issues and to jointly work on standardized solutions across different standardization organisations and companies.

Working mode

OADF organizes meetings every three months in different continents. Between the meetings, task forces address challenges that have been identified in the meetings. The forum meetings are open to all consortia and individuals that are active in the field of autonomous driving.

Results so far

In the meetings and subsequent cross-consortium work groups, major progress was achieved towards

  • A commonly accepted ecosystem architecture overview which identifies the building blocks needed for autonomous driving and the main interfaces.
  • First cross-consortium solutions for specific interfaces, e.g. regarding local live maps, live map updates and localization approaches.
  • The understanding of functional safety issues involved in using HD maps for autonomous driving as well as the provision of first solutions.


The following consortia have committed to align their efforts in the domain of autonomous driving to generate a streamlined approach towards a globally applicable eco system of production-ready automotive standards:


To enable and/or enhance the functionalities of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), vehicle manufacturers want to access and use the information provided by navigation systems such as map data, vehicle position and speed. In order for ADAS applications to access this data, an appropriate information exchange interface must be defined. This is the overall aim of the ADASIS Forum.


Navigation Data Standard

NDS is a registered association with the vision of providing a leading world-wide map standard for automotive grade use. The NDS Association consists of car manufacturers, application/compiler developers, map and service providers.



The Sensor Ingestion Interface Specification describes the needed technical requirements of data sets for vehicles submitting rich data gathered by on-board car sensors.



“SIP” stands for Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program.
“adus” stands for Automated Driving for Universal Services.
SIP-adus is undertaking activities with the objective of solving issues of concern in today’s society, including reducing traffic accident fatalities and traffic congestion, along with securing transportation methods for the elderly and others with limited mobility.



TISA (Traveller Information Services Association) is a non-profit company focused on proactive implementation of traffic and travel information services and products based on existing standards, including primarily RDS-TMC and TPEGTM technologies. TPEG specifications offer a method for transmitting multimodal traffic and travel information, regardless of client type, location or required delivery channel (e.g. DAB, HD radio, Internet, DVB-x, DMB, GPRS, Wi-Fi …).



The mission of TN-ITS is to facilitate and foster the exchange of ITS-related spatial road data between road authorities as trusted data providers and data users like map makers and other parties. It helps to get the road user fresh map data from the road operators to the vehicles navigation system, by bringing together public authorities and private data user. The association is working on standardization by defining and maintaining the TN-ITS specification CEN TS 17268.



The following companies and organizations have joined the discussion platform on cross-domain topics in the area of autonomous driving so far:

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