Meeting review

Review: 12th Open AutoDrive Forum on June 12, 2019

The 12th Open Auto Drive Forum event on June 12 took place in the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Munich, Germany. With nearly 120 participants, it was the best-visited OADF event ever. At the beginning, Matthias Unbehaun, OADF Speaker and TISA Executive Director, introduced the new participants to the history, structure and objectives of the forum: The OADF aims to foster the collaboration of standardization organizations and individual experts for enabling automated driving with map support.

The program of the day consisted of inspiring speeches on making maps reliable for automated driving (Yali Wang from Baidu and Steffen Kuhn from Elektrobit), on generating HD maps from space (Hartmut Runge from the German Aerospace Center) and on a collaborative platform for updating maps (Emil Dautovic from Mapillary).

Following the tradition of the Open Auto Drive Forum events, all member organizations reported on their latest activities regarding automated driving: Jean-Charles Pandazis from ERTICO reported on ADASIS, Martin Schleicher from Elektrobit on the Navigation Data Standard (NDS), Prokop Jehlicka from HERE Technologies on SENSORIS, Matthias Unbehaun on TISA and Satoru Nakajo from the University of Tokyo on SIP-adus. Furthermore, Klaus Estenfeld from ASAM reported on the OpenDrive standard for supporting driving simulations and on related activities in ASAM. Last but not least Christian Kleine from HERE gave insights to TN-ITS and its recent activities.

Around the lunch break, the meeting participants took the opportunity to discuss pressing topics for automated driving in a ‘World Café’. The discussions addressed the need for maps for automated driving, the need for the identification of stopping places for autonomous cars and highly reliable maps. Also, ways for improving the collaboration between Japan and Europe were discussed. The Word Café has proven to be a tool perfectly fitting to the spirit of the OADF of fostering the exchange of experts from different standardization organizations.

The next OADF event will be hosted by Kuandeng and take place on February 18th, 2020 in Beijing, China.

Picture: The OADF Steering Committee with the ASAM representative Klaus Estenfeld at the end of the successful 12th OADF event; from left to right: Klaus Estenfeld (ASAM Executive Director), Satoru Nakajo (representing SIP-adus), Jean-Charles Pandazis (ADASIS Coordinator), Prokop Jehlicka (SENSORIS Chairman), Matthias Unbehaun (OADF Speaker and TISA Executive Director) and Martin Schleicher (NDS Chairman)