Meeting review

Review: 13th Open AutoDrive Forum on July 9, 2020

The 13th Open Auto Drive Forum event took place on July 9. It was the first OADF online-only event and a completely new experience. Almost 250 participants joined the meeting – more than twice as much as in the ‘traditional’ meetings.

The meeting was opened by Matthias Unbehaun, OADF Speaker and TISA Executive Director and Liu Jun, founder and CEO of Kuandeng Technology in China – who originally wanted to host the meeting in Beijing.

The invited speeches this time addressed the evaluation of HD map quality (Liu Jun), the benefits of standardization for Automated Driving development (Hannah Theuer, BMW) and an update on safe and reliable maps for Automated Driving (Yali Wang from Baidu).

Again, the standardization organizations reported on their latest activities regarding automated driving: Jean-Charles Pandazis from ERTICO reported on ADASIS, Klaus Estenfeld from ASAM on the OpenX standards, Martin Schleicher from Elektrobit on the Navigation Data Standard (NDS), Stefaan Follens from TomTom on SENSORIS, Satoru Nakajo from the University of Tokyo on SIP-adus, Matthias Unbehaun on TISA and Christian Kleine from HERE on TN-ITS.

A new experience in the meeting was the interaction between the attendees and the speakers. The participants asked almost 100 questions relating to the presentations. Only some of them could be answered live. However, the speakers shared the answers to most questions after their presentation in writing. The interaction with the attendees was complemented by 20 ad-hoc polls which the speakers initiated during their presentation. The standardization organizations represented in OADF will now review the feedback in detail and discuss, how the findings can be included in their individual work as well as in the cross-organizational cooperationThe next OADF event is currently planned for September 23, 2020 in Frankfurt Germany with the possibility to participate remotely.