Meeting review

Review: 18th Open Auto Drive Forum on November 22, 2022

The 18th Open Auto Drive Forum event on November 22, 2022, was attended by more than 100 online participants. Andras Csepinszky of NNG, the OADF spokesperson and co-chair of SENSORIS, warmly welcomed the attendees and recalled the history and goals of OADF. He also gave an overview of recent OADF activities related to reliable maps and the OADF ecosystem.

Steffen Kuhn from Elektrobit introduced to ISO/AWI TS 5083 ‘Road vehicles – Safety for automated driving systems’, which will include a chapter on the use of HD maps in automated driving systems. This chapter will also provide the definition of reliable map attributes (RMAs), their deviation types, and mitigation of risks arising from RMA deviations.

Aria Etemad from Volkswagen gave an overview of the EU projects L3Pilot and its successor project Hi-Drive, of which he is the coordinator. L3Pilot aimed to test congestion, highways, parking, and urban applications. The Hi-Drive project began in 2021 and is scheduled to last 4 years.  It focuses on Automated Driving robustness and reliability, extended and defragmented Operational Design Domains (ODDs), and interoperability between countries and brands.

Trond Hovland of ITS Norway introduced ISO JWG 11 as a joint working group of ISO/TC 204 WG3 ‘ITS Geographic Data’ and ISO TC 211 ‘Geographic information/Geomatics’ and reported on the planning of a new version 6.0 of the Geographic Data Files (GDF).

In addition, the OADF member organization provided information on their recent activities in automated driving:

  • Jean-Charles Pandazis, ADASIS Coordinator and of ERTICO, reported on the release of ADASIS v3.2, the planning for v3.3, which will integrate auxiliary providers, and the planning for v3.4, which will focus on a low-level protocol.
  • Benjamin Engel, CTO at ASAM, gave an overview of the OpenX standards, with particular emphasis on the role and definition of an Operational Design Domain as targeted by OpenODD.
  • Martin Schleicher, NDS Chairman and Elektrobit’s representative at NDS, gave an overview of recent advances in NDS.Live and reference implementations using OpenAPI and AUTOSAR SOME/IP.
  • András Csepinszky, SENSORIS Co-Chairman and from NNG, reported on the latest SENSORIS version 1.6 and the planning for SENSORIS 2.0.
  • Satoru Nakajo, SIP-adus founding member of the University of Tokyo, reported on the SIP-adus workshop held October 11-13, on SIP-adus’ collaboration with ADASIS in the field Operational Test, and on the development of DMP.
  • Matthias Unbehaun, TISA Executive Director, provided information on the progress of the TPEG3 development and the automated driving use cases guiding the development.
  • Christian Kleine, TN-ITS President and of HERE, reported on the market demand for digital maps and improvements in the data chain between Road Authorities as a trusted source and service provider.