Meeting review

Review: 8th Open AutoDrive Forum on November 13, 2017

The 8th meeting of the Open Auto Drive Forum (OADF) took place on November 13, 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. The meeting was used to harmonize the activities between OADF and SIP-adus in Japan. One major insight was that the OADF member NDS is the only known organization which provides an already available standard for high-definition maps as they are required for autonomous driving.

The meeting was opened by M. Fukushima, SIP-adus sub program Director and by Dr. V. Sasse, the spokesman of OADF. Keynote speaker of the event was T. Ozawa, Vice President of the Dynamic Map Platform (DMP) Cooperation. Mr. Ozawa introduced to DMP, which was founded by relevant stakeholders in the area of automated driving in Japan. He introduced to the objectives of DMP, namely to cooperatively create, maintain and provide dynamic maps and high-precision 3D map data for automated driving. Also, fostering of the related businesses in and outside of Japan is in the scope of DMP.

Next, Prof. S. Nakajo from the University of Tokyo and member of research cooperation SIP-adus presented the Field Operational Tests ongoing in SIP-adus and the corresponding sample data. SIP-adus is interested to harmonize its activities with the OADF member organizations ADASIS, NDS, TISA and SENSORIS.

The next session was dedicated to presentations by the OADF standardization initiatives and cooperations regarding digital maps and automated driving. M. Klingsoehr from Bosch SoftTec reported on ADASIS, Dr. V. Sasse from NavInfo on the Navigation Data Standard Association (NDS), P. Jehlicka from HERE on SENSORIS and Dr. M. Unbehaun from TISA on TPEG3. All four organizations are preparing their formats for tackling the challenges coming with automated driving.

R. Jurk from BMW presented the advancements on the OADF Reference Architecture, followed by A. Csepinszky from NNG focusing on the live map delivery chain. The discussion showed that location referencing is a very important topic for automated driving and thus need to be considered carefully in this context. Furthermore, S. Kuhn from Elektrobit reported on the OADF work in ‘Highly Reliable Maps’. He was assisted by A. Richter from DLR reporting on the latest OADF activities on ‘Metadata for map quality’ and D. Ziarniak from TomTom elaborating on the ‘Map Backend Integrity Levels’. At the end of this session, F. Klebert from NDS introduced the planned preparation of an Open Attribute Metadata Catalogue (OAMC) for harmonizing attribute names and definitions in the participating standardization organizations.

After a series of meetings in Europe, the USA and China, the 8th OADF meeting was the first meeting in Japan. The meeting was an excellent opportunity to coordinate the OADF activities in the field of automated driving with the corresponding Japanese activities in SIP-adus. The next meeting will be held in Europe.

At the 8th OADF Meeting